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Carleton Performance and Nutrition is an online training service for those interested in powerlifting and body composition enhancement. We are dedicated to helping individuals who desire to get stronger and enhance their physique. We provide a flexible and customized approach to our training and nutrition programs, treating you as a person - not just a name on a spreadsheet. Through practical application of the latest scientific literature it is our mission to help you achieve your goals, develop your own knowledge and become a better lifter.

What do we believe in?

We believe that everyone can achieve a desirable physique through consistency and dedication. We prefer to keep things simple, focusing on the basics of caloric and macronutrient intakes to obtain results. With weekly adjustments based upon your goal, feedback, recovery and personal preferences we strive to provide a stress free and flexible approach to your nutrition.

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We believe in building strong, technically sound and competitive athletes, so you can continually get stronger and add lean muscle mass to your physique through yearly plans, calculated and sensible training adjustments

"Anyone can achieve their goals through applying the correct principles and showing dedication, consistency and hard work"


We believe in creating a supportive and knowledgeable community by providing a private area where you can voice your questions and learn from others. We help you learn, develop and become a better athlete.

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We want to help you learn and improve your knowledge, through educating our athletes with the latest evidence based literature and using personal experiences, we help you answer your own questions and make your own decisions.

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We can make you achieve your goals
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